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Civetta - Zoldo valley, Val Fiorentina, Agordino

Monte Civetta - Ski Civetta: the region and the localities

The mountain Monte Civetta is the symbol of the Civetta region, which connects Agordino, Zoldo valley and Fiorentina valley and includes the municipalities Alleghe, Colle Santa Lucia, Val di Zoldo, San Tomaso Agordino and Selva di Cadore, that are situated at the entrance of the Natural Park of the Belluno Dolomites.

The mountain rises 3.218 meters above sea level in the province of Belluno and is one of the boldest Dolomites groups in the northeast. On the northern side you will find the famous and impressive "wall of the walls“, about 1.000 meters high and 4 km long, on which there are various paths and trails.

In winter the ski resort Civetta offers all snow friends wonderful moments on the 80 km long, wide and fast slopes, at 1.000 to 2.050 meters hight. The villages that are achievable by ski are Alleghe, Selva di Cadore, Palafavera and Zoldo. A particular route is the so-called "Giro sciistico della Grande Guerra" (Route of the Great War) around the Col di Lana, which offers the possibility to see from soldiers of different nationality established outposts, tunnels and hiding places, that were used in order to advance in the direction of the enemy lines.
In addition to the traditional mountain sports there are also available different sports facilities as tennis, golf, swimming, trekking on horseback, paragliding, ice hockey and ice skating, etc. For cycling fans, there are many fantastic routes along Dolomites passes and numerous mountain bike trails, practicable even accompanied by a guide.